Arnhem, Malvastraat 1969

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Arnhem, Malvastraat 1969.

Arnhem, Malvastraat 1969.

De Malvastraat in Malburgen-West in de winter van 1969. (Foto: uit privé-collectie).

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3 comments on “Arnhem, Malvastraat 1969

  1. Dear fotographer,
    excuse me, can I write in English ?
    May be you can help me to find the children Henny, Rob and..? of family Sanders, who lived in Malvastraat in the 1960s. Their parents were Roly and Henk Sanders.
    My mother Marie-Luise from Wuppertal, Germany, was Rolys cousin. We were often together when ia was a child, My mother died in 1968 and from that time we lost contact. It would be very nice to hear what happened to the family. Perhaps you know the family or neighbours who do.
    I would be very pleased to hear from you.
    Kind regards
    Renate Reischl

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